Training Divas, Or How to Not Give a Kid an Eating Disorder

Just got back from Copenhagen Fashion Week and it seems the accessory du jour is a mini-Diva. I’d seen a couple crawling around in the tent at Berlin Fashion Week but in Copenhagen, the kids get front row.


Of course I was sad to not have brought my own Diva in Training along, but I do wonder what effect seeing half-naked ladies would have on her developing toddlers’ mind. She’s a pretty confident kid, not *really* aware of body shapes yet but as one pediatrician told me, as a mom you have to be careful to not give the kid your own eating disorder.

And we *all* have disordered eating in some way. My disorder includes gorging on chocolate and not eating meat. Diva in Training has picked up the same awful eating habits I have (which also include forgetting to eat lunch until I’m cranky as fuck) so since that battle already seems to be lost I’m conscious to not pass along my disordered view of myself to her. I don’t inspect my body in front of her and don’t let anyone talk about how skinny or fat she is (she is thin as a rail and I hate that people would make a note of that when she is only three — she has no idea what that means, people! None!). Nor do I want her pinching the fat on her tummy at this age or in the future.

This in mind, I think it might actually be a good thing to bring the kid to a fashion show (so long as it’s fashion Lite and not the hard core Avant-Garde shit). The girls on the runway are so alien-looking (and often painted purple or green to boot) that when you see them in real life it’s like looking at a coat hanger and not a human being. Sad, but you can concentrate on the clothes better that way, and at least in real life, there’s no morphing through airbrushing.

My bigger fear with bringing her to the shows now that I know what they’re like (not at all like in the glossies) would be what kind of insane outfit ideas she’d come up with afterward. She’s at the age where she dresses herself and is very particular about what goes on her body (tool belt with tutu, anyone?) and she gets inspired a lot by the people around her. Like when we were up at the park a few weeks back and ran into a crowd of Goths heading to a concert. One woman was wearing a very short skirt with no underwear, so Diva stopped in her tracks and whipped her unders off, too. Try explaining why that’s not cool to a three-year-old. It’s a very awkward conversation, let me tell you, especially when kid points to the lady in question’s bits. That experience plus my reluctance to already be denying her feather boas and knee-high boots at this young an age means she’ll be sitting Fashion Week out for a while yet. Now I just gotta keep her from crawling on my lap while sorting through pictures.


2 thoughts on “Training Divas, Or How to Not Give a Kid an Eating Disorder

  1. Alex August 15, 2012 / 12:11 am

    Can you add an RSS subscription button to your blog? I love it, but I follow blogs via my Google Reader. I’m an American living in Karlsruhe, Germany. I was an au pair for a year and now I’m onto my next adventure in Deutschland

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