Three Weeks Left to Live

Frankly, I was expecting a bigger chaos orgy than this. If this is the end times as people have been talking about for ages now, I was expecting that this last month of people being alive on earth would have resulted in a whole lot more sex and drugs and car theft and bank robberies and all those immoral things people always SAY they would do if they knew they only had a month left to live.

I’m not a believer in all that, but I have to say, I am unpleasantly shocked at how very little people seem to mind continuing to work. As if, you know, the world is going to end soon, but I still have to get these reports over to acquisitions, pronto. We’re over budget.

Or maybe that’s just in Germany? Are people in Berkeley having one giant orgy? Seems to be the kind of place for people to do that.

But I digress. The point of this post is this: if you had one month left to live and could do anything you wanted to, what would you do? So why aren’t you doing that now anyway? Because you never know, this could be that last month. …

At least that’s the philosophy I’ve taken on this last year, trying to live my life so that if I’m not here tomorrow, I would still be okay with what I’ve done today. Nobody says on their deathbed: I wish I’d spent more time at work. Hence the list of 35 things to do while I’m 35. Hence the working as a freelancer so I can do what I love to do (write) and still spend a whole lot of time with my favorite female, the Diva.

And it’s amazing what this philosophy has given me. Which is not to say that I’m doing anything too wild or crazy (no jumping out of airplanes, yet), but it is for sure giving me the confidence to push out of my comfort zone (hello, cliff jumping, which I’ll be doing on Doomsday) and the drive to That was what was missing before: motivation. The feeling that if I don’t do something now, I’m likely not going to do it.

Which doesn’t mean I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do this year (unless I cliff jump in fancy underwear in Switzerland while learning French). It just means that next year’s list is going to be all the tougher. If we make it past December….


One thought on “Three Weeks Left to Live

  1. Ralph December 7, 2012 / 7:37 pm

    Your list of 35 things to do is a long list. Of all that you mention, if I were you I’d concentrate on writing and, of course, the Diva.

    I was just reading Camus’s notebooks and came across this intriguing but to me mysterious remark: “We haven’t the time to be ourselves. All we have time for is happiness.”

    The end of the world won’t matter if you seize the moment.

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