Fly Away Friday: Berlin

CharlottenburgI really wanted to give you something good here, but for the million and one times I’ve been in Berlin, I have no photos that don’t include the Diva. Except this one. This amazes me but I guess you can see where my focus has been these last few years.


One thought on “Fly Away Friday: Berlin

  1. barbtaub June 7, 2013 / 12:33 pm

    I’ve never really warmed up to pictures that don’t contain people whose DNA is a close match or at least people I’m currently sleeping with. So when I needed a picture for an upcoming publication, I sent them a bunch and suggested they could photoshop out the remaining crowds. They politely voiced their lack of enthusiasm, so yesterday afternoon was spent with my husband yelling “Open your eyes” and me screaming about the f**king sun killing me. (We live in northern England. Seattle before that. What’s with the sun?) My publisher now gets to pick one of the 72 photos of me glaring. With my eyes squinted shut. There isn’t one that doesn’t look less like me than my passport. Hmmm… passport photo. Score!

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