#DailyDeutsch Diatribes

Trying something new on the blog: a post a week to help you learn German with me. Since we’re all advanced speakers, you should know these are only going to be words for, ahem, advanced people. Advanced of age. Of maturity. People who have no qualms about snickering over silly gaffes and ridiculous slang. Who don’t mind me using words like schnitzel or schnauzer (Jesus, that image is just, ugh, get out of my mind! And also, be thankful I don’t have Photoshop to provide you with the image in my mind and I can instead just give you this little cuddle love).

schnauzerIf you follow me via Facebook, you’d already know today’s #Dailydeutsch would come from this ridiculous thread on the troll-filled Toytown forum titled, “Why are German girls so rude and impolite?” It’s a fun read if you’ve got tolerance for the kind of conversation among dullards that goes something like “I’m trying to date online and no one’s responding to me so it’s clearly not something I’m doing wrong and I can blame it on a whole people so….” followed by “that’s not true at all because this one person I met once proved that wrong and OP you sound like an ass.”

While it’s true that the OP does sound like an ass who’s really having difficulty meeting chicks, the tips he gets for meeting “girls” after his assy-ness has been verified, are positively hysterical. Tip one: go to a yoga class at the VHS. Tip two: socialize with people you do not want to date.

And the best tip, from which today’s new German word comes: “…get hammered and go dancing, go crazy and simply take the next best chick regardless her looks and have fun. … ‘Resteficken’ is a valid method…”

Resteficken. I guess that’s what When You Live In Cologne says the Venus Celler on a Saturday a.m. is good for? Consider yourselves informed.


2 thoughts on “#DailyDeutsch Diatribes

  1. Dan June 28, 2013 / 10:30 pm

    “Resteficken” used to be a term we “young ones” used for them Ü30 parties (parties for people who are older than 30 ..no idea whether there is an English word for it). Apparently, people tend to “get lucky” there. I always used to snear a little at this term, but now I am 30 myself …. God, please gimme back my 20s 😀

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