#DailyDeutsch Erzaehlautomat

I’ve got this friend whose son likes to talk. A lot. To everyone.

He’s pretty much the opposite of the diva in that he’d prefer to read a book or hear a story than to slide and climb and he is exactly the living proof I needed that every person is born with his or her own competencies and loves. Because as hard as I tried, I could never get Diva to sit down for a book before bedtime. She’d rather do cartwheels across the living room. And try as hard as this other boy’s mom does, she really can’t get him to climb to the top of the slide. He’d rather sit beside me on the bench and tell me stories. He’s ace at the alphabet while Diva’s still having a hard time recognizing any letters that aren’t A.

Anyway, it’s this tot I thought of when I heard the latest addition to my German vocabulary, this week’s #dailydeutsch …. Erzaehlautomat. I thought it was made-up word, but turns out there really is a storytelling machine at the nearby Drachenfels castle and reptile museum. You put in a Euro and this machine starts telling you the legend of the Nibelungen, and, or so I’ve heard, it never stops talking. Just goes on and on and on.

A jabberbox, if you will. But Erzaehlautomat, that just has a nice ring to it. Much nicer than jabberbox.


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