#dailydeutsch: Koerbchen

No one ever accused the German language of being impractical. To the contrary, it may be the most pragmatic I’ve ever encountered, what with its stickle-brick words like Brusthalter, or BH. I mean, how very logical of them to refer to a bra as breast-holder.

Stickle_bricks_connectionLess logical, however, is how they refer to the cup size: Koerbchen, or little basket. At first it was insulting to hear: “Oh, what size is your little basket?” emphasis on little. Then I did the translation and was like, cups? For real, English? Is this a form of measurement taken by holding up various glasses over a woman’s breasts? A shot glass is an A, a rocks glass a B? I guess I should prefer the little baskets. At least that way, it sounds like there’s something worth measuring.


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