What I’m Reading: Talk Dirty German, courtesy of #YallaCSU

I’ve talked a blue streak about needing to better my German. Though it was good enough to get me a permanent residency and work visa, I still feel pretty impotent when it comes to getting my point across in certain situations. Sure, with C1-level credentials, I can easily grab a train and go grocery shopping and hell, I could even apply for a job if I wanted to. You know, all that stuff they teach you in the Integration classes I didn’t have to take.

But according to a recent suggestion by someone from the CSU, I, an immigrant, should be using German more frequently at home. Though it’s unclear how she foresees verifying this, said party member of the country’s conservative class has said we expats need to start speaking German both in the living room and the bedroom.

Woo. Well, thankfully, Diva taught me a German lullaby so we’ve got her bedroom covered. And I can download my meditation program in German, too. Just in case of future sexy time actions, though, I bought this book recommended by Resident on Earth like a year ago (after she told me that I had to get good at eye sex if I wanted to date a German and I realized that I can’t look someone in the eye without laughing).

2014-12-15 22.47.10

It’s great for light late night reading … a much better study than any integration course could offer. And of course I’ve been cracking it every night. You never know just who’s watching and listening and if this becomes law, I’m going to have get very good at whispering sweet Deutsch nothings.


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