2014 Year in Review

Like a good little hausfrau, I tried to write up a fully annotated, picture-filled letter  that I could stuff into the Christmas Cards I’m supposed to send to all my 120+ relatives and myriad friends to humble brag to everybody that I have done amazing and wonderful things this year. But since my cards from last year are still sitting, stamped and addressed, in my desk drawer, I kind of gave up on that idea yesterday. I bought the 2014 cards back in November when I was feeling nostalgic for the pre-Facebook days when people wrote about all their mundanity and printed that shit out on their dot matrix, but, well, you know. Wie die Zeit vergeht

Anyway, my birthday’s in December so I always do a bit of reflection on the year gone by and lucky you, since I gave up on the Christmas cards, I’m gonna give it to you here. Here’s what 2014 looked like in the Lederhosen household:

January: I started the New Year in a rock star’s house in Berlin, which sounds more amazing than it was. I was with wonderful friends and had a really great time but still passed out sober around 12:01 after learning from my Bleichmetal fortune reading that something would happen this year (a man? a house? I can’t remember anymore). And then I went back to Cologne and hibernated and watched a lot of crap tv.

February: Threw Diva a party with a visit from a real-live princess and freaked out about the fact that everybody was getting the flu, including me, and cancelled a trip to the Alps so I could hole up in my house to avoid Carneval. I am no longer as cranky as I was last February but at the time, all I could envision were germs and dirt and bodily fluids and — no thanks.

March: I have no idea what happened in March.

April: Ditto.

May: There were some holidays and I think I maybe went swimming once or twice? Seriously, how do people remember the most mundane shit that’s happened to them for these letters? My calendar on my iphone for this month is blank (I think because I shattered the screen so stopped updating?) and my photos are no help. Here’s something I thought was interesting back in May (that’s Maria Loch, by the way, near Koblenz):

Maria Laach

June: My divorce finally came through and I started the 3-month-long process of getting permanent residency. So basically I spent all my sunny days sitting in some Behoerder.

July: My sister came to visit so we went to see Ludovico Einaudi in concert and had some cocktails outdoors and went to the K20 museum in Dusseldorf. Whew, what a month!

August: Summered in the north, where people were so unaccustomed to 30 degree weather, they all got naked and jumped into ice cold water. Welcome to Denmark, folks!

Little Mermaid.jpg

September: Finally started to feel better when we went to Langeoog for a 3-week Kur. Sure was pretty on the North Sea island. This is the kind of stuff I’ll remember for years…


October: Stress.

November: Made many plans to keep myself from getting depressed once the sun set for the winter, and the only one I kept was going to see The Nutcracker Ballet in Berlin.

December: Celebrated my birthday. Gained 3 kilos. Finally made enough money to pay my tax bill from 2013. All in all, a successful close to the year.

I’m still in reflection mode, but may just be updating that “things to do” list in the header soon.

But enough about me; what about you? What are your best (only?) memories of the last year? What things are you most proud of living through in 2014?


3 thoughts on “2014 Year in Review

  1. Christie Dietz (Eating Wiesbaden) December 23, 2014 / 1:35 pm

    I have very little recollection of what happened this year, which is directly related to the fact that I managed to get through the year on virtually no sleep. I suppose that’s what I’m most proud of living through: twelve months of being a semi-functioning zombie 😀

    • Milly December 25, 2014 / 11:35 pm

      You know the saying for parents of young children: The days are long but the years are short? I feel like after having a kid, I got so busy and did so many things every day that I felt like I was living several days in 24 hours. It doesn’t get better, either, unfortunately, even with sleep.

  2. BerLinda December 30, 2014 / 12:19 am

    FB put together that ‘year in review’ thing for me – Christ it looked dull! Probably because I’m never on FB any more and write everything on the blog instead – that’s what I’m telling myself anyway 🙂 Happy New Year to you and thanks for following my blog! Linda.

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