Week In Review: Ein Irrglaeubige Woche ( #dailydeutsch )

I’m writing this from my bed, where I have spent the last two days cocooning with Diva. She’s got a high fever and is miserable and only wants her mom and so here we sit, me huddling beneath the comforter while she sweats beneath a wet washrag. I remember very little of my childhood but that is one memory that always sticks with me… the wet washrag to chill my fevers, the glass of ginger ale on the side table. The only thing missing, thankfully, is the chalky taste of Pepto-Bismol.

This flu has knocked out three-quarters of her Kindergarten simultaneously, and it’s done so on the weekend we were supposed to be celebrating her birthday. It’s not as sad as you might think — we’ll be celebrating again once Karneval has left Cologne — but I have learned my lesson from this experience. I will never again try to celebrate a birthday before the actual day. Just like I don’t count my chickens before the eggs have hatched. Or spend my paycheck before it’s been deposited.

I flouted this Irrglaube — this German superstition, or directly translated, crazy belief — the same way that I flouted the keeping my kidneys warm thing and look where that’s gotten me: in bed with a sick kid. The other kids with warm kidneys are also sick, but whatever. I don’t walk beneath ladders for fear of bad luck so I won’t flout these either anymore, I guess. At least not when I have other plans I want to keep. So my first question on Ihr Deutscher should be then, I guess, what other crazy beliefs am I flouting by not knowing about? I know now that I have to light candles on her birthday cake to keep the evil spirits away but what about these other everyday things? Do I have to throw salt over my shoulder here, too?

But this week hasn’t been all bad.

I learned how to pole dance with a group of friends as a belated birthday present to myself. I’d post pictures but we promised to not embarrass ourselves online with them so you’re going to have to hack my phone if you wanna see ’em (good luck with that — I refuse to use iCloud, which my phone reminds me of constantly). It was great fun and I’d love to do it again but with a different teacher. Ours seemed really disappointed to get a group of nearly 40s women and it showed on her face when we all failed the strength test at the beginning. When she tried to convince us that our cores would get a good work out if we just tried to hang upside down, I think we were all like, uh, yeah, I flunked out of my Becken-Boden Kurs, so we just stuck to the basic fireman move … which we all rocked better than Bridget Jones.

To keep me entertained in my insomniac hours, I downloaded both seasons of the hilarious show, Party Down, which brings back so many awful memories of my college days spent catering weddings but still, after multiple showings, has me in stitches. I think it was recommended by Natalye over at Deutsch Bitte, so would love to get more recommendations from y’all. I’ve gone through all three seasons of Bored to Death without getting bored and need a few more comedy series to keep me entertained in the wee hours.


3 thoughts on “Week In Review: Ein Irrglaeubige Woche ( #dailydeutsch )

  1. BerLinda February 9, 2015 / 11:30 pm

    If you fancy a challenge accent-wise, I recommend Gavin and Stacey! Hope Diva feels better and your kidneys stay nice and snug 😉

  2. Milly February 10, 2015 / 11:54 am

    What is Gavin and Stacey? Or maybe better asked: where do I find it? I only see clips on You Tube (which look hilarious, btw).

  3. fotoeins February 17, 2015 / 5:00 am

    You’ve taught me a new word: “Irrglaube”. Out of the various definitions, the one amusing me most is “heretic belief.” Where do I sign up?

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