The Old List

I’ve never been very good at setting goals for myself, but a few years ago, I started writing a to-do list for myself – things I wanted to accomplish before the next birthday, one for each year I have been alive. Pretty much every year, I fail to accomplish those things. But this year will be different because I am so different.

Here’s my 35 things to do before December 2012 (and no, that’s not an arbitrary date based on drawings found in Mayan ruins, it’s my next birthday). I’d call it a bucket list, but it’s much more time-limited than that. These are not things I want to do before I die; these are things I am going to do this year, come hell or high water.

  1. Run a 5k race. (Upped this to a 10k, two days after my birthday)
  2. Go to Greece. (Can a Mediterranean vacay fit this bill this year? Lebanon took precedence, but in 2013 I am going to be all over those Greek islands.)
  3. Write a feature for a glossy. (In progress)
  4. Buy skinny jeans that fit. (Done! And now they’re too big.)
  5. Learn how to rock climb.
  6. Watch a professional soccer/football game at a proper stadium. (Done!)
  7. Wear fancy underwear. (Done!)
  8. Learn how to swim like an athlete and not like grandma trying to not get her hair wet.
  9. Take a trip alone. (Done!)
  10. Cliff jump while snowboarding.
  11. Set foot on the African continent. (Does the Middle East count as Africa? If yes, then check; otherwise it’s on tap for Spring 2013)
  12. Write a book proposal.
  13. Lose 5k (Done!)
  14. Get an apartment with my name on it.
  15. Read 5 books.
  16. Build better arm strength. (Done!)
  17. Get out of town at least once a month. (Jesus, has this happened in a big way)
  18. Learn how to sew better.
  19. Be able to say more than bonjour and au revoir in French. (Learned this in Arabic instead, and I regret that now because it was so useless to me in Lebanon – need to focus on French now)
  20. Write (and sell) the movie expose.
  21. Expand my business with 5 new clients. (2 down, 3 to go)
  22. Lead a writing workshop to boost my own creativity.
  23. Stop eating chocolate. (I’m reluctant to put a not-to-do on this list, but the to-do of this would be: stop eating for comfort and start eating for nourishment and with discipline; that’s too abstract, though, so we’ll stick with stop eating chocolate)
  24. Buy a proper working space – either an office or desk, depending on 14.
  25. Spend some part of winter in the mountains. (Planned)
  26. Sign the divorce papers. (Very much in progress)
  27. Go out on my first date ever. (This is stupid and pointless and I’m removing it from the list, just as soon as I can find something to replace it with)
  28. Take a dance class with the Diva-in-Training.
  29. Bake a vegan Black Forest Cake. (I subbed this for a Donau Welle last year; now it’s time to cross it off my list)
  30. Be financially independent. (Done!)
  31. Learn how to speak German properly. (der.die.das.Scheisse)
  32. Get a proper bike for my commute. (Done!)
  33. Climb a mountain. (See numbers 10 and 25… planned for December)
  34. Visit Switzerland. (the only neighboring European country I haven’t set foot in yet)
  35. Lose the mummy tummy. (In progress)

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